Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Love Shyness - Index

I want to start a series on a relatively unknown condition known as "Love Shyness", something which I have and yet have only recently discovered exists. It is my hope that people who come across this may see themselves in it too, and realise they are not alone and it explains why conventional treatments for shyness, anxiety and social phobias may not be appropriate for the Love Shy individual.

Here is a tentative index, updated when new posts are made (or when new topics are introduced).

1. What is Love-Shyness
1.1. Definition
1.2. Common Symptoms
1.3. What to look for in others

2. The Origins of Love-Shyness
2.1. Pre-Childhood
2.1.1. Role of Family
2.2. Childhood
2.2.1. Early Childhood Crushes
2.3. Physiological

3. Living with Love-Shyness
3.1. Beauty and the love-shy
3.2. Love as a drug
3.3. A bleak future
3.4. Psychology of the Love-Shy
3.4.1. Love-Shy and the law Stalking
3.4.2. Movies
3.5. Medical Symptoms
3.5.1. The nose
3.5.2. Reactive Hypoglycaemia

4. Curing Love-Shyness
4.1. Positive Steps
4.2. Support
4.2.1. Friends
4.2.2. Family
4.3. Prevention
4.3.1. Reforming Childhood Norms

A.1. Studies of the Love-Shy

This series is based mainly on Dr Brian G. Gilmartin's book "Shyness & Love" injected with my own tales and thoughts.

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