Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas, Economy and Life

Hey Bill O'Reilley, if you want to battle the "war on Christmas" why not start with your own network? I was watching NFL on FOX earlier this week (Cardinals vs Patriots) and all I saw everywhere was "Happy Holidays" with barely a mention of "Merry Christmas". I thought it was too funny. Clearly someone didn't get the memo. A war on FOX I tell you!

Larry Kudlow, of CNBC fame, is a right wing loon. Despite Obama winning the election he wont stop pestering the viewers about how Obama should employ the same failed right wing economic policies which started this mess. He misses the bigger picture by saying "gas is so cheap" and "interest rates are so low". (He calls these things mustard seeds from the bible...) These are of course BAD SIGNS for the economy. No one cares about the price of gas when they don't have a job. For those who don't want to hear the usual rubbish from CNBC there are some gems out there in YouTube land, such as Don Harrold. (Don likes to get stuck into flip-flop economic "advisor" Jim Cramer)

Obama's presidency could either be bad news or good news for Republicans. On one hand if the economy does not recover in two years, in time for the mid-term elections, the Republicans should control the house, ready for an assault on the White House in 2012. If Obama really makes a mess of it, forget seeing a Democrat in the white house until 2020 at the earliest. On the other hand if messiah Obama pulls a miracle and saves the economy (forgetting that the economy usually goes in cycles) then the Republicans are in big trouble - barring a Clinton...

Every time I get the desire to contact my Catholic ex-girlfriend to mend the bridges, something happens which makes me facepalm and not want to deal with any of that. Last time was the Webster Cook crackergate affair, this time is the Pope's anti-homosexual spiel.

Early February I have beamtime at Sincrotrone Trieste in Italy to do some experiments on DEED (Delayed electron emission detector) as part of my PhD. This will be the third synchrotron visit for us with DEED. In terms of my PhD, the past two visits were unsucessful in that we did not see any "physics" but obtained useful instrumentation data. I'm running late to finish my PhD in three and a half years (I'm about two and three quarters years through), so I need to have a good run, or a good year in the lab here in Perth.

After the visit, I plan on staying in London for a week. I will also make a trip to Southend via Basildon (where my Dad came from). Damn its going to be cold!

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